How mindfulness can improve your love life

How mindfulness can improve your love life

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Nia Bennett | Sep, 30 2019

Mindfulness is a state of mental solitude where you are fully aware and alert about everything around you. This includes full knowledge of your emotional state, physical state and the state of your surrounding and the people in it. 

Practising mindfulness and the art of being mindful on a day to day basis involves self-regulation of attention. This is a critical step as it helps us have a neutral attitude while embracing experiences in the present moment.

When you open yourself to being fully aware of the moment, your mindful state will help you assess problems, see things clearly and this frame of mind affects your mental attitude in forming healthy relationships, among other areas of your life.

Mindfulness in relationships

Regular practice of mindfulness can make you compassionate and reduce destructive behaviours which are commonly seen or demonstrated in unhealthy relationships. 

Practising mindfulness in our relationships can help us reason better, help us stay calm, increase our tendency to peacefully resolve frictions whilst balancing all the other life’s stressors. Various psychological studies have analysed the effect of mindfulness on health but now a recent meta-analysis published in the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension proves that practising mindfulness can have a direct impact and create a satisfying effect in intimacy and romance.

How mindfulness affects your brain and makes you a better partner

The nervous tissue, amygdala, which is placed in the temporal lobe of our brain is part of the limbic system which is responsible for our emotions and survival instinct. When we practice regular mindfulness, the effect calms our amygdala and improves the receptivity between our brain’s prefrontal cortex and amygdala making us calmer and reducing our tendency to fight or be passive-aggressive.

When our brain is less anxious, we are more receptive towards working towards problems with our partner. Mindfulness also has a positive impact on our insula which is responsible for more empathy. This can lead to greater compassion for our partner. 

Often we over analyse flaws during fights, being mindful enables us to assess the present situation for what it is, be aware of the past and just accept our partner for their best attributes and forgive negative qualities. 

When we stay in the moment, we are less likely to build a case to argue or go against our partner, instead, we can take each moment for what it is. 

Being in tune with ourselves brings with it a greater awareness of our own emotions, self-control, morality and we tend to extend our compassionate side with those we love. This also leads us to a stress-free, calmer version of us - one that is open and capable of intense and passionate love that can surpass frivolous ego battles.