Etheric cords and how they affect our mental health

Etheric cords and how they affect our mental health

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Nia Bennett | Sep, 15 2019

There is something magical and ethereal inside all of us, just like the energy that flows through us and radiates, this strong bundle of intangible energy or connection within us are etheric cords. Simply put your etheric cords help you feel or absorb the energy of the person you are connected with - which means your etheric cords experience the highest vibrations with the people you see daily or someone who is emotionally very close to you.

So that feeling you get within you when you meet someone, that sensation you feel when you know someone likes you, dislikes you, is good for you or could cause you harm, all come through the energy of etheric cords which are also called ethereal cords or energy cords.

How etheric cords work

To understand how this energy field functions, imagine yourself as a piece of magnet. Just like a piece of a magnet which attracts ferrous objects, your etheric cord is part of the magnetic field which hooks to the person in close contact, this can happen consciously or unconsciously. These cords extend from chakra to chakra, depending on the type of attachment you have to another person. For example, when you are in a romantic relationship or if you feel intensely about someone it connects with the other person’s sacral chakra which symbolises strong emotions and sexuality. But the connection of the etheric cord depends on the context of the relationship. However, it is your etheric cord connected to someone else is what gives you an intuition about the energy of that other person or whether they like or dislike you.

Hence etheric cords are powerful invisible indicators of energy you share with people in your immediate surrounding. As you know someone, the cord gets deeper, along with your understanding and perception about them, which gets stronger with time. Once you are doubly bound by the cord that is when you either start feeling drained or happier around certain people.

Knowledge, being aware and learning about etheric cords is crucial to stay healthy, lead a purposeful and happy life.

Release draining energy and improve your mental health

Einstein proved that what we recognise as physical matter is only experienced as low-frequency energy and the vibration of that energy can be heightened.

So you do not have to be an expert or a healer to cleanse yourself and cut any negative energy that flows through your etheric cords. A simple mindfulness exercise can help you release this completely.

Find a quiet place, play soothing music if you find it difficult to concentrate in a quiet surrounding and meditate. 

Think about all the things that are bothering you in the present moment. Ask yourself why they are bothering you and remind yourself that you can get past and overcome all the negativity and problems existing your life.

Affirmations are a great reminder of inner strength. 

Just visualise yourself with high energy and strength to be able to break free of the cords. If you feel like you need to stand up and pull out the invisible cords, then feel free to re-enact. The point is all you need is affirmations to remind your loving soul, mind, and body that you can overpower negative energy. 

After this imagine yourself happier. Think of one visual scene which makes you the happiest. Just a quiet mindful meditation is all you need to release toxic thoughts and energy to flow out of you.

After meditating make sure you either smudge, open windows or light a soothing incense stick to improve the energy surrounding you. If you can, cleanse yourself with a shower or a relaxing bath with Epsom salts as a physical reminder of cleansing toxins.

From now on every time you feel a drain in your mood or your health remind yourself to make a change and be around people who bring out the best in you. Cut ties with people who bring toxic energies into your life and regardless of etheric cords, you have the power and the inner strength to change, alter or heighten your vibration to positive energy for better physical and mental health.