Stop being SAD and do this to improve your mood this winter

Stop being SAD and do this to improve your mood this winter

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Nia Bennett | Nov, 17 2019

You've probably heard of winter blues. This is a real phenomenon that affects people living in colder countries. It is also called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it happens when our body gets low or limited sunlight.  

SAD or a low mood occurs when our brain begins to convert serotonin into melatonin. Serotonin is the neurochemical that keeps us happy, so naturally, reduction in sunlight often leads to depression, cravings, oversleeping and mood swings leading to winter depression. But there are ways to naturally enhance your mood and ensure that you are the happiest self despite the season or the weather.

Load up on Vitamin D and say goodbye to anxiety and sadness

The obvious way to keep your mood in balance is ensuring that you load up on food that consists of high doses of vitamin D. Instead of taking supplements we recommend including regular intake of eggs, milk, orange juice, mushrooms and oily fish like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Swordfish into your diet on a regular basis this winter to help you naturally lift your mood.

We recommend: Salmon and scrambled eggs or lovely spinach and feta salad

Welcome the good carbs and include them in most of your winter meals

It has been scientifically proven that carbs can make you happy, that’s why bread, french fries, cheesecakes are so addictive. They hit our brain’s pleasure centre and makes us crave more. Although it can fall into the trap of carb-ing up during the winter. Carbs in moderation are excellent mood boosters and give our body energy. So this winter, try incorporating healthier carbohydrates like quinoa, couscous, oats, brown rice, bananas, apple, nuts, peas and beans into your diet. They are excellent healthy alternatives and are a great mood booster which will also keep your weight in check this winter.

We recommend: Quinoa and kale patties

Include more Vitamin B6, the miracle vitamin that keeps you happy 

This miracle vitamin is yet another mood-boosting supplement that will help you combat tiredness, depression, your nervous system and your overall immune system. Include food rich in B6 like Sunflower seeds in your daily cereal, eat more Pistachio nuts, Peanuts, Cashews and Walnuts in your diet. Also, make sure you swap your fattening stews with lean turkey stews and grilled chicken. Not only is this filling but also a great way to get rid of winter blues and keep your perky.

We recommend: Hearty turkey mince soup with extra veggies

Hydrate to nourish your body and flush the toxins

Winter is the toughest time to force your body to drink more water, simply because we don’t sweat as much. If drinking regular water is dull, download an app to remind you to drink your eight to ten glasses a day. Swap your sodas for fresh fruity water. Add more strawberries, lemon, cucumber anything that will make you drink more H2O.

It is scientifically proven that habitual consumption of water leads to a better mood and a significant reduction in fatigue and sleepiness with the extra benefit of radiating skin.

Ultimately eating a balanced diet and regular exercise not only helps you stay fit, happy and wards away all the extra stress but they can also be natural mood enhancers. Pay special attention to your diet during winter because sunlight tricks our body and makes us more gloomy and tired than we normally are. Incorporate these natural mood enhancers and boost your mood and soon winter blues will be a thing of the past.