How to earn money fast and save more

How to earn money fast and save more

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Nia Bennett | Jan, 1 2020

It is the new year and the aftermath of any festive season is a high expense, resulting in low money.

Even though making money overnight is not possible, (unless of course, you’ve won the lottery!)it is important to understand things take time. However, if you are desperate or need to reset and start a better saving and income boosting attitude- these methods will give you a financial boost you need.

Before we begin, let me tell you from experience that the best way to start new financial habits is by reducing daily/weekly expense(s) and often thinking creatively will help you reduce spending and increase savings.

Selling items online

Some people find it hard to part goodbye with their belongings. However giving away old, unused items is an approach to consciously invite abundance. Say no to the old and what doesn’t make sense in your life and yes to the things you need and nothing more. A good way to get rid of items online include selling items on eBay, Depop, Facebook marketplace or you could co-host a car-boot sale and get rid of the old whilst making some quick cash.

Cancel unused subscriptions

Take a quick look at your bank statements for the last six months and make a list of all the unwanted subscriptions. Do you need Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky TV, Now TV, Hotstar - all at once? Pick one and cancel the other, do this for six months and you’ll notice a massive difference in your expenses. Use the money to start a new savings account.

Apply for a new job

A fresh start could just be the right thing for you this year. Why not take a chance and try something you have always wanted. This could be working in a different industry, starting a business or having an honest conversation with your manager about a raise or a promotion. Sometimes we need to take active actions to make active changes and this could be the one that will give you a financial boost this year.

Sell unused books

I often find it surprising the number of books piled up in my house. So every six months or so I go through my library and make a list of books that no longer serve. If you are a voracious reader, you might have the same struggle. Trying websites like WeBuyBooks or a quick search on eBay will instantly tell you how much your books are worth - this is a great way to make quick cash. There have been times when I have made more than £200 during a clearance, so this approach is worth trying.

Rent a spare room

If you are a student or a single professional, a great way to reduce costs is by sharing the apartment. You could post an ad for free on Gumtree, Facebook or Instagram and vet a person to see if their personality complements yours and get them to split rent and other household bills. This is a great way to reduce your financial burden and make some extra cash or increase your savings.

Become a ride sharer

If you drive to work, this could be a viable option for you. The best way is through word of mouth or looking up websites like BlaBlaCar, Liftshare (if you live in the UK) or Craigslist Rideshare, Carpool World etc. It’s a great way to get someone to chip into your travel and fuel expense. All the extra money could be going into a savings account!

Become an eBay supplier or drop shipper

If you are an artist, designer, good with jewellery or making clothes - you can instantly sell your products on sites like eBay, Etsy, Instagram or Shopify. If you don’t want to make a product of your own but you are interested in online business, you can go to websites like AliExpress, Alibaba or any supplier that sells things in bulks - pick your niche and try reselling them in your country.