Mindfulness for beginners - walking meditation for anxiety and calm

Mindfulness for beginners - walking meditation for anxiety and calm

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Nia Bennett | Dec, 16 2019

Mindfulness is the state of being present and can be done from anywhere in any position. A quick and easy way to try mindful meditation can be by walking.

Unlike popular belief, meditation does not comprise of sitting in a quiet space. You can reach a meditative and relaxed state through a variety of things, it does help to pick a space or time when you are alone so you receive maximum benefits from your mindfulness meditations.

What is walking meditation?

Walking meditation is a simple and practical process for anyone trying meditation. It is just as powerful as sitting meditation. There are several forms of walking meditations but the simplest one is incorporating more awareness in your walks.

Instead of going on power walks or brisk walks, start with slower but longer walks with more awareness. The simple experience of feeling you alternating between your left and the right foot is meditative and therapeutic.

How to do walking meditation

Mindful walking or walking meditation is about realising and experiencing everything happening within you and outside, in your immediate surrounding. It is about feeling the sights, sounds, scents and a complete state of awareness of the sensations going through your body while walking.

Find an unobstructed calm spot. If you live near the park or beach, try going early in the morning to experience walking meditation at the highest level. 

Your goal is to walk bare feet and experience every movement and sensation around your body.

While walking look straight ahead, inhale the fresh air and refocus on the vibrations your body feels while moving and feeling the breeze on your face.

While practising walking meditation, it is best to empty on your mind - to do all you need to do is focus on the present, feel your emotions, slight sensations your body is feeling, look at the sky, enjoy the sounds around you. The goal is to keep is slow but really soak everything around you.

Mindfulness in the body

Satipatthana Sutta and Mahasatipatthana Sutta are the most widely discussed aspects of mindfulness. It is a part of Buddhism and lays the foundation for mindfulness. Walking meditation is considered as one of the key ways to achieve mindfulness along with sitting and lying down. Plus any kind of physical movement for your body is amazing. Walking meditation not only helps your body and makes you feel more connected to every part of you but it also has a calming effect on your body, a perfect solution for stress release, nervous tension and anxiety.