How to make your home look nice with no money

How to make your home look nice with no money

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Nia Bennett | Jan, 9 2020

Decorating and making your home feel comfortable does not have to put a dent in your wallet.

A little bit of creativity, sense of decor, playful spirit is all you need to make your home look nice with no money.

Before you start any project, it is advisable to give your house a good clean and take on each room individually so you are not overwhelmed by the work. Decorating your home should be fun and not a chore and definitely not something that needs to break the bank.

Focus on the entrance

The door to your house and the entrance is what makes the first impression into your den. Make sure your door is clean and ensure the paint is not chipping away.

If you want to give people the impression of splendour, you have to make sure you create the best impression by either adding accents to your door or keeping a pot of fresh flowers or plants right outside your doorstep to create a visual appeal.

If you are creative you can make DIY wreaths or hang artwork or print a photo and hang a frame on the inside of your door to make it look exciting. You can always add oomph to your foyer with an old bench, storage box or side table against the wall. Depending on the size of the bench or table, embellish the space with indoor plants, vases, candles, lamps or a mirror.

Think about comfort in your living area

A home is comfortable only when it feels warm and snug. Make sure it is always inviting not just for you but also your guest and family. A great way to do that is by adding more colourful cushions to your sofas. Find the main colour running through your living room and add colours that add subtle contrast. Use extra cushions to fill up space.

You could also lay some vibrant or comfy looking throws onto your chairs or sofas.

If you have small windows, you can accentuate the room by adding curtain rods above the window frame to make them look bigger.

If you have vacant window seats, fill them up by placing a vase or any other extra accessory that is readily available in your home. You could also pile some colourful books or add a cushion to give your home that dose of style that makes even a boring window seat look stylish.

Be creative with your kitchen

Your kitchen can look so chic and pretty with little effort.

You can add herbs in different sized vases or extra empty glass or plastic bottles. Just add wrapping paper and a ribbon and even the dullest looking vases or jars will have an elegant feel.

Find an empty wall to hang all your pans. There is an ocean of design inspiration online which allows you to spruce up your wall with little to no money.

You can also add more character to your napkin holders with wacky bangles or bracelets.

Use washi tapes to add more colour to your cabinets or wallpaper your fridge to add more style.

Utilise everything you’ve got

Scan around every nook and corner of your house and find the extras: candles, unused glasses, vase, lights, paper and search for ways you can be creative with them and use them in different parts of your house.

One way you can make your bathroom look interesting is by using a spare mason jar as a soap dispenser.

You could also stack your toiletries in old teapots, creamer pots, bowls or trays to give them character.

Mismatched drinking glasses can be used as mini vases for flowers to add a bit of freshness to the nooks and corners of your house.

Another interesting way to liven up your house is through DIY pixel art. They are easy to make, cost next to nothing and can give any dull area of your home a contemporary feel.

Resting in style

You can add more class to your bedroom by using a vibrant throw on your headboard or salvaged wood can be painted and hooked into a headboard, especially if you are after a rustic feel.

Make a canopy with an old sheet, curtain or oversized scarf. You could also use matching scarfs as tie ins for your curtain.

Adding a bit of lush with some fairy lights can add a dreamy feel to the walls of your bedroom.

Ultimately, there are a plethora of methods and ideas to rearrange and add style to your house for no cost or very limited cost. Explore different options and really put your heart and soul into building your nest and that will make a positive difference to your mindset, relationships and how people perceive you.