3 ways to apply the vedanta philosophy into a modern busy life

3 ways to apply the vedanta philosophy into a modern busy life

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Nia Bennett | Jan, 15 2020

Vedanta is a spiritual journey that comes from the Hindu philosophy and learnings of the Vedas.  This philosophy derives from a deep inner understanding which can be only be developed through knowledge. Eventually, this process will help you to culminate refined intuitiveness which will assist you in creating a reality you want and deserve. 

So despite the road you take or choices you make, the only essential ingredient to finding success using this ancient wisdom is by contemplating, discovering and aligning to your dharma.

In this digitally hooked world, finding your dharma is one of the biggest challenges, probably because discovering the path to your inner evolution is challenging in itself but even more so in the world dictated by social media and social influence.

The principles of Vedanta can be broken down into simple life lessons which can be used as a reference point to create an enhanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the modern world.

Understanding your role

The most important principle is to understand your purpose in the midst of all the roles you play in everyday life. 

Start by discovering your role within your family, within your friendship zones, your interpersonal relationships, romantic relationship, as an individual and to the society.  The most thing is to understand that regardless of the facets to your personality and your responsibility being true to your inner self and discipline your mind to stay focused is the only authentic way to enhance and live your life’s purpose.

Discipling your senses

Having a firm grasp over your senses is key to controlling your actions and things within your control. 

In a world that is getting swayed away by celebrities and popular culture, it is important to choose what is right for you. This includes being in tune with your body and mind.

Be aware of what you put into your body, what you feed your mind and thoughts. Learning to discipline your senses and rationalising your physical and emotional needs increases self attunement and gives you the clarity to implement actions to lead a happy and satisfied life.

Mental equilibrium 

Focus is the utmost way to simplify life and achieve the results you desire. The way to control unnecessary thoughts and actions is by mental purification. Get rid of scattered energy. An easy way to do this is to practice guided meditation or mindfulness exercises. You can test your current level of mindfulness on this mindful quiz.

Practising meditation will help you maintain mental equilibrium and give you the clarity and strength to stay true to your path. 

Our thoughts fray back and forth and the Vedanta principles give us a gentle reinforcement to stay honest and live in the present moment. Dwelling in the past or worrying about the future makes you lose your present time, present strength, clarity and opportunities.  When you begin to seize everything in front of you, you will begin to rid of the ghosts of the past. You will begin to witness your most current thoughts, dance in the emotions of your present self and start making changes that are most vital for your happiness in the present world.