3 ways to take care of your skin naturally

3 ways to take care of your skin naturally

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Nia Bennett | Jan, 20 2020

The beauty industry is at its peak. Just when you think it cannot get any bigger, it does. We are constantly reminded about looks and appeal through our media which leads to insecurity and makes us crave perfect, flawless and youthful skin.

If supermarket brands weren’t enough, we are continuously looking up exotic ingredients from overseas, in a hope that it will magically change the way we look.

Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu system of medicine teaches people to go back to basics. Don’t buy into the expensive ‘Ayurveda brands’ in the supermarket. We are talking about cheap, natural ingredients that you can incorporate into your skin routine. Even though a good diet plays a tremendous role in the way our skin appears, these simple ingredients will help you achieve the kind of facial skin you crave.


The ancient saints and sages used the stick which comes from the bark of the tree. This stick is then rubbed on a grinding stone with a few drops of water to make a smooth sandalwood paste. This was used to heal cuts, wounds and blemishes.

Ditch your regular facewash and swap it with fresh Sandalwood stick to cleanse your skin every morning and evening. We recommend using a pure Sandalwood stick and grinding stone to make a fine paste. Grinding it against a stone barely takes a few minutes but the results will be amazing.


Tulsi is known as Holy basil is completely different from Basil. If you live outside India, your best option is to grow your own Tulsi plant or find a supplier who sells pure Tulsi powder.
This is an extremely powerful herb that can cure anything right from Asthma, Acne, Headache, Anxiety and many other ailments but incorporating this into your daily skin routine can be wonderful. Traditionally the leaves are ground on a stone, with a few drops of water or milk to make a smooth paste. This can be used every morning and evening, giving you a very clean and glowing skin. If you must, you can also pure powder which can be mixed with milk or water.


Both Indians and Egyptians used raw milk to wash their face. Add a few tablespoons of milk in a bowl. You could also add organic honey or drops of fresh lemon into the milk. Then dip a ball of cotton and gently massage it all over your face. Let it remain for five minutes and wash it off.

Swap your facewash for this routine and you are bound to see a massive difference in the look and appeal of your skin.

We highly recommend that you use them in its natural format to ensure there aren’t any chemicals. Unless you have a serious skin condition, in which case first check with your doctor. But since all three are recommended in its freshest format none of the ingredients would cause skin problems.

Try this for a week and to analyse the results. If this works, we recommend you to permanently swap your facewash for a natural method of skin cleansing.

Let’s become a generation that embraces the natural living and healthy lifestyle.