7 ways to be productive even when you are depressed

7 ways to be productive even when you are depressed

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 7 2020

Depression can be random or it can be triggered by some kind of loss or traumatic experience. Feeling depressed is a state of mind where we one feels dejected. A person feels a sense of hopelessness or feels worthless and/or pessimistic.

When you are going through these negative feelings, you can feel so unmotivated that it can be difficult to accomplish the simplest things. 

If you think getting things done at work or home or being productive is a struggle when you are upset or depressed - don’t lose hope, we have the right solutions for you.

Try these 7 things that will motivate you to become more productive even when you are sad or feeling low. If trying too many things at the same time is overwhelming then do one action a time till you accomplish all your goals and actions. Not only will this make you feel more positive but you will also walk away with the satisfaction of accomplishing tasks.

1. Find something that is guaranteed to relax you

Different things work for different people but the first thing to get anything done is to figure out a way to relax your mind and your body. This can be done by dancing, drinking a warm cup of coffee, a lovely aromatic bath or listening to good music. Pick that one thing you love and that is the first step towards feeling good about yourself and being productive.

2. Move because those endorphins will make you feel good

It is an established fact that when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. These chemicals make you feel good and reduce pain - physical or mental. It is a great way to reduce stress, stay calm, be fit and stay productive.

3. Eat clean, delicious and healthy

Cooking does not have to be an enormous task. Tossing in a healthy salad with nutritious vegetables like spinach, ripe tomatoes, avocadoes, olives with a side of steamed fish or chicken breast glazed in extra virgin olive oil is not only delicious but filled with iron, vitamins and proteins that will help you stay lean, full and feel light and productive. 

Try some of our mood-boosting smoothie recipes to help you perk up your mood. http://www.mindandspace.com/article/63/How-to-instantly-improve-your-mood-this-winter 

4. Spruce up

You don’t have to dread cleaning up, just changing your bedsheets, opening your curtains and windows and hoovering your floors will change the vibration and energy of your room, flat or your house. 

Feng shui is about channelling and bringing positive energy into your home, your mind and your life. Trying a few things to improve the energy flow with our feng shui tips will instantly improve your mood and productivity.

5. Freshen up

Make yourself feel good and this is the most effective way to accomplish anything and get work done. Brush your hair, make yourself look good and feel great. It is a known fact that getting out of your pyjamas and looking professional makes you feel sharp and inspires you to get things done, even on those days when you feel less inspired.

6. Chat or meet someone

It is always good to talk to someone or head out of your house to change the routine. A routine is great but sometimes stepping out for a coffee or heading to park to get somethings done can be a very powerful way to get goals accomplished.

7. Make a list of goals

Write a list of realistic goals for the day. Does not matter if you did not get everything accomplished. On a bad day even if you fight back and manage to do just a few that’s a significant feat to be proud of. Ultimately being productive is about breaking larger goals into smaller steps.

Finally, be kind to yourself. Gratitude and affirmations are powerful tools that will help you stay in touch with your inner self and be productive and successful, just the way you want to be.