How to feng shui your wallet quick

How to feng shui your wallet quick

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 10 2020

We are eager to raise the financial vibration in our lives. The hunger or want to increase monetary wealth could be for a myriad of reasons: this is could be to travel more, provide a better life for your family, gain more material things, buy a big house, clear debts/mortgage or just increase the standard of your current lifestyle. We all want it and sometimes we are unsure of how to attain it.

Before we go any further, this article is not a magical solution to increase wealth overnight or win the lottery. It is one among many strategic steps to help you use the law of attraction and the basic principles of feng shui to forever attract abundance and prosperity.

1. Investigate the look and the feel

If you are one of those who are still clinging to an old, tattered wallet. Time to get rid of it. You can only attract abundance when you fully feel you are worthy of abundance. You don’t need an expensive brand, just a sturdy wallet that feels good and has ample amount of space for notes, coins and cards. If you already have a good wallet, that feels right, time to empty it and organise things based on priority.

2. Elemental match

The five elements of feng shui are earth, fire, air, water and metal. You can make sure your wallet colour matches your personal element. You can find your personal element by clicking on this Fengshui calculator.

Once you have it, use the corresponding information to align the element and colour to your wallet. For example, if your birthdate falls under the earth element then brown or earthy colours will help you increase your feng shui vibration for money. Having said this, you can always adopt different methods to raise the financial vibration of your wallet. But also use common sense in your approach. If you are low on cash, the ideal thing is to follow all steps and make sure you are more open to abundance in your thoughts than spending money to buy a new wallet.

3. Clutter and chaos-free

Never ever keep unnecessary papers or receipts in your wallet. These can be constant reminders of your expense. Organise it based on what you need the most. Keep one card that you use often and maybe a credit card but don’t stuff your wallet with unimportant junk cards just to fill up space. Leave more empty space for more cash, allow more abundance. Limit the use of credit cards. A simple philosophy for wealthy living is living within means. Credit cards make trick our minds giving us the illusion of having money, when you live within means, you are susceptible to fewer debts. You are more aware and will actively take positive steps to increase your income and lifestyle.

“Don’t stuff your wallet with unimportant junk cards just to fill up space”

4. Good luck charm

You don’t need amulets for good luck. Just empty your wallet and keep a small amount of cash, anything you can afford. Ensure that this currency is the first thing you put into your wallet and never ever use it. Let this note be your lucky charm, marking endless abundance. Slip it in with an intention that this is your lucky note, it will be a constant reminder that you are never going to fall short of money. For better results, never be tempted to use this money.

Follow these steps and positive and healthy attitude towards money and you will be on your way to make a smarter decision and improving the financial vibration and stability in your life.