How to have a life of purpose and become successful

How to have a life of purpose and become successful

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Nia Bennett | Jan, 27 2020

Throughout history, the quest for the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence has produced many hypotheses in the realms of science, philosophy, theology, psychology and metaphysics. Even though the purpose is very unique to each individual and only you can help yourself, a little guidance from someone could nudge you into the right direction to get success in life.

Every society, culture and individual believes that something different is the true answer to the meaning of life or the meaning of their life but the common variant to have a life of purpose is a pleasure. If we all believed that the meaning of life is simple living and maximising pleasure then the quest to achieve a life of purpose will be fairly easy and achievable.

Figuring out purpose in life is not an overnight process, it’s slow but through different stages of your life, you will realise what makes you tick. 

Chances are you don’t know what you want in life yet or you don’t know how to achieve success, our four triggers will help you introspect and uncover your purpose in life and be successful.

1. What can I do with my life?

Anything can happen to us at any point in our lives. Instead of doing things that fill up your insides with unhappiness, stress and regret - it is better to take a brave step in figuring out what really makes you happy. You don’t have to quit your job overnight and take an alternative career. Most people have bills, mortgages, family to feed so quitting overnight without thinking is not realistic but taking steps to understand what you enjoy or what feeds your soul is a step in the right direction.

2. No one is perfect and no one is happy all the time

We live in a social media bubble where everything and everyone looks a lot more perfect and polished than they really are. Drawing frequent comparisons is the killer that makes people feel less successful or feel less accomplished than others. Ditch this attitude and remind yourself that nothing and no one is perfect and neither is their life or yours. 

All of us have bad days and bad moments and that is life. Sometimes life is meant to bum you out, accepting this is the key to being self-critical. The more you accept this, the easier it will be to for you to find your purpose, fulfil your goals, be successful and generally be happy. 

3. What little joys are you forgetting?

The key to achieving anything in life is by being happy and happiness comes by doing things you enjoy. So ask yourself what aspects of your life are you ignoring because you’re too self-involved in your 9 to 5 job. 

Different things make different people happy: for some, it’s a hobby, for some it’s spending quality time with their family, for some, it’s a charity or social work. Ultimately it is very important to identify what makes you happy and continue doing those things.  Life can be meaningless without doing things that give you joy. This will not only keep you focused but will give you the motivation to achieve your goals and ultimately find meaning in your life.

4. What makes you so self-absorbed that you forget to eat?

As a kid have you ever been engrossed in a book, tv show, video game or any other thing that made you skip a meal or spend a whole day without eating. That thing you used to love doing as a kid, you need to discover what that thing is now no matter how old you are. Discovering what keeps you engrossed is the key to finding purpose.

As the proverb goes, “Seek and you shall find”.

Remember that life is only as complicated as you make it. So no matter what you think of yourself or your self-worth, remind yourself the value of these four tips every day and soon you will be able to understand your place in life and without the help of a mentor, a friend or a book.