How to be rich and successful

How to be rich and successful

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 14 2020

Getting rich overnight, without any sort of structure or without putting in any effort is a fantasy. If you really put your heart and mind to it, being rich is possible. Regardless of what others tell you if you are after success and money you can really attract that in your life. 

It is true that some are immediately born with wealth or inherit money that others can only dream of, but you have the potential of being self-made and be solely responsible for your success and wealth. Here are a few things you need to do to achieve your financial and personal goal of becoming rich and successful.

1. Common sense and savings go a long way

We cannot stress the importance of saving. In a fast-paced world, we spend money on the most ridiculous things. The more we see money piling up, the easier it is to lose track of all the small things which pile up into hundreds or thousands and very soon you’re wondering, ‘where did all the money go?’.

Being smart while buying groceries, cooking or relying on 15 or 20minute recipes on a busy evening is much easier than fast food options which cost more. Skip KFC, instead pack homemade sandwiches or salads for lunch. By the end of the week, just taking lunch to work could save you a good chunk of money. Spend what you have, never ever put anything on a credit card. Banks and other financial institutions might want you to buy credit cards to improve your credit score but a rich person does not rely on a credit card for anything, so think like one and stick to a debit card and spend only what you have.

Most importantly make it a habit to save and transfer between 30 to 40 per cent of your monthly income into a savings account. Keep this money separate from your salary account so you do not have everyday access to this.

2. Dare to be different

We are all in this dog-eat-dog world where a lot of people are striving to get to the top by being unkind and ruthless. Be different, be kind and have faith. Successful people are the ones who try new things, they have a completely different mindset. So if you are surrounded by people who tell you something is not possible, be polite and respect them but you can still be determined to make a difference.

To be rich or even dreaming of being rich you need to have faith in yourself and your skills, regardless of what others say to you. If you have a business idea or plan to turn something into a venture or want to invent something or turn your hobby into a business - go for it.  There is no time like the present and as long as you do things with determination and not let others break your spirit, you are on your path to being wealthy and successful.

3. Look after yourself

Staying healthy is not just about looking good, it helps you give mental clarity to tackle complex projects. 

Billionaires have a hard and busy life which means you need to be at the peak of your health. So start by scheduling exercise into your everyday routine. Regular thirty-minute exercise is a great way to amplify your energy and stamina. 

Be obsessed about health regimes and the endorphins will start having a positive effect on your frame of mind and help you keep focused.

4. Self check-ins

Accessing your habit and routine is very important to focus on how much time is spent or wasted on unproductive things. Write on a piece of paper and make a habit list. Write down your bad habits and think of ways to change them. 

If you want to be rich or have millions and billions, you need to access where your time is spent. If you are buried in your couch watching Netflix for endless hours, you are never going to be rich, instead, you are making others rich.

Spend time learning or doing something that is going to add value to your personal and professional goals.

Expanding your knowledge, unbeatable passion and determination are the only things that will make your dream of being rich a reality. Start now and make every day a learning experience and you will be on your path to success.