4 positive ways you can learn to handle negative situations in life

4 positive ways you can learn to handle negative situations in life

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 16 2020

One of the biggest downfall to happiness and peace is perpetual negativity. 

Being caught in a vicious toxic circle makes us all fall prey to unpleasant thoughts and negative situations. Often this happens due to financial stress, unhappiness at work, rejection, stressful colleagues, unhealthy relationships or lack of love.

Although different people respond to external and emotional situations in their own unique way, we have compiled five powerful methods that you can apply to cope and recover from a negative situation.

1. Do not bottle it up

In times of confusion or failure, a lot of us tend to hide our emotions or feeling of hurt from our loved ones. This is a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from external hurt. Avoiding this is the first step to recovery. Albeit hard, it is important, to be honest. Recovering from a negative situation or loss is not about appearing brave or tough. It is about surrendering and accepting that the universal law that we do not control everything. Sometimes things happen, it’s not for better or for worse, sometimes it’s just what it is and a lesson can be learned from the experience.

Admit that you are hurt and recover from it because self-sabotage and hiding your pain will only make living in your own skin and mind an insufferable experience.

2. It’s all about perspective

Some people view failure or the negative turn of an event as a personal defeat when it’s not. Every living being has a good and a bad day. Think about the spider you accidentally stepped on when you saw the little fellow in the bathroom, was he having a good day? Probably not. Everyone goes through a rough patch, failures, setbacks, emotional unrest - it is a part of life. Something which is necessary for growth. Do not let one incident or even a series of incidents define you. Do you use it to destroy or diminish your confidence? Grow from it. Be different, be somebody who is strong, someone who can fight the tide and use the negative experience to learn valuable experience and try something different.

3. Do not try to please everyone

Accept that nobody can please everyone and you shouldn’t have to. Part of the reason a lot of us get stuck in a negative situation is that we are obsessively hung up on doing things the way others tell us. 

Often the desire to please people means we are more interested in pleasing people who are close to us like our family, friends or partner. If someone tells you, ‘I think you should do this.. or this is good for you’ then pay attention to their advice and expertise but also listen to your calling in life and your own intuition. Ultimately you should have full control over important decisions and life choices in your life.

4. Self-care

Even though the title is self-explanatory, a lot of us do not take care of ourselves. We work, we look after our family, we lead busy lives but when there is a crisis we do not slow down and look after ourselves. 

Learn to value yourself, your mind, your body, your inner fiery spirit. It is important to look after yourself. Ask yourself - ‘Am I getting enough sleep’, ‘Am I nourishing my body with the right food’, ‘Am I looking after my health and emotional spirit’. These are mandatory questions you need to ask yourself. 

It is vital to look after yourself so you have the power and inner strength to overcome vicious people and negative situations.

Ultimately if you are feeling lost, uninspired or beaten down by life, listen, read or look up articles, news stories or talks on something that will help you recover. Self-help is the best medicine. It helps you put lost power back into yourself and deal with any situation life throws at you regardless of the situation.