Powerful ways to make life simpler

Powerful ways to make life simpler

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 17 2020

Do you ever marvel over life and wonder how it has changed over the years. Often as we grow and experience different stages of life, we also go through a gush of good memories often referred to as nostalgia. We do this because it’s comforting to bury ourselves in the pure ecstasy of limited worries.

With different stages of our lives, we tend to burden more responsibilities, so as we get older the idea of snuggling into the abyss of easy living and memories of childhood with zero responsibility becomes appealing or a lovable fantasy. This happens because with age comes peer pressure and influence from external sources. The need for money to pay bills, the stress of securing or keeping a job and having a partner. We put so much pressure on ourselves that we subconsciously make life overly complicated. Not only does this lead to increased stress levels, health conditions, unhappy relationships, lack of love and general unhappiness and unfulfillment in everything we do, but you can stop this. 

With each passing day, you have total control to rewire your brain and be conscious of reminders that will make your life much simpler.

Three steps to making your life simple.

  • Eliminate negativity or people who bring negative or destructive energy into your life
  • Embrace and surrender to warmth and abundance from the universe 
  • Identify the key thing(s) that makes your life happy
  • Give more affection and love to your close friends, partner and family members.

Although turning around and making a drastic change in your life is not as simple. A few reminders will help you overcome this hurdle and detox and make your life breathable, happy and fulfilling with a few conscious steps.

1. Let go and let things be

Letting go is the hardest thing to do for a lot of people but it is a powerful step towards simplifying our lives. Remember that releasing something negative: relationship, attachment, career, lifestyle leads you to make a conscious effort to change something or an event in your life for the better. Just like our bodies shed cells and renew them on our hourly basis, we must shed or let go of negative traits, thought or people to simplify our lives.

2. Embrace the moment

We are constantly moving, not just in the physical sense but also on a subconscious level, things are always changing, within and on the outside. We are all working towards something, some goals and sometimes it is important to be thankful for the present moment. How far you have come. Remind yourself of how much you have endured- the highs, lows and the in-betweens. Go back to the time when you had your first intense loss or heartbreak, at that moment you must have thought the pain is unbearable, but you survived and flash forward today, you have become a strong person, so embrace the present and reward yourself for what you are today.

3. Do what you love

The first thing to make your life simple is to stop living your life for other people. 

Stop living in the shadow, be a burden to family expectations or anyone else’s. Do things that you love. Staying true to yourself is the only way you can be happy and spread love amongst your family and friends. Sometimes it is important to take time to relax and figure out what makes you happy and if that means having to take risks, do it. Life is very short, it is better to try new things than being a safe player.

Also do not ever let someone else’s small minds or limitations affect your dreams, goals or ability.

4. Give more to the ones who's been in your life

The key to keeping things simple is cutting negative ties but it is also important to remember and show love to the ones who stuck with you through your thick and thin, like your family, partner or close friends. If you let go of things that drain your time, you will have more time for yourself and more time to give to people who really matter.

Plus spending time with people who love you is encouraging, it will make you feel alive and will improve your mental wellbeing and state of mind.

Fundamentally life is very simple, our thoughts get the best and worst of us. To simplify your life the only thing you need to do is break the chain of toxic habits. The minute you start working on them, life will be much simpler, happier and abundant.