Easy ways to improve your mood without impulse shopping or binging on food

Easy ways to improve your mood without impulse shopping or binging on food

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Nia Bennett | Feb, 18 2020

Our bodies and minds go through chaos on a regular basis. Sometimes it is self-inflicted; mostly because of the piles of workload we to take on, debt repayment, mortgage repayment or it is by surrounding ourselves with people who spew negativity.  Either way, misery is a creation of a negative mind and constant negativity creates misery. 

The best way to take control is by being in a state of flow, being conscious of what you do, you think, the people around you and treating yourself. Steps towards self-healing don’t have to be expensive. People often go all out on shopping sprees to feel good or binge on cakes and alcohol but none of these offer permanent solutions to heal the hole in you or repair the damage caused by frustrating situations.

1. Warm bath

Never ever underestimate the healing and therapeutic power of a warm, soothing soak. Those of you who do not have a bath, try a warm shower but make it a healing experience. A bath cannot solve all your problems but it can calm you, instantly slow the worries and let your mind and body relax. 

Throughout history, herbal baths have used a means to relax and destress. In fact, the Romans thought of it as a form of complementary medicine. A study conducted by Wolverhampton University revealed that people who took regular baths had a significant drop in negative thoughts and attitudes. Neil Morris, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton told The Independent, “There was a significant drop in feelings of pessimism about the future and increases in hedonic tone, the internal feeling of pleasurability.”

It has also been proven that warm water can stimulate blood flow and circulation, thus relieving any aches/ tension and relax our muscles. It is the perfect solution to think free, be calm and find easy solutions to be free of worries and stress. 

2. Reconnect

There are several ways of reconnecting; this can be done in isolation, just by doing something you love or by spending quality time with someone you love. Sometimes a spontaneous phone call to a long lost high school friend or someone you grew up can bring a good flash of memories. This is a great way to rethink about your journey, how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved and a great way to think about your growth.

You could also reconnect with yourself by doing something you enjoy like reading or rereading a soothing book, a movie, an old sitcom you watched as a child. Sometimes downtime can be a great time to just recoup and gather your thoughts and strength to motivate you to move forward.

3. Watch something inspirational

One time or the other we have all been down in the dumps and the easiest and quickest way to get over that feeling is by hearing someone else talk. We recommend watching Tania Luna: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire and watching one of our favourites where Psychologist Schwartz speak about The Paradox of Choice. This is a great talk where he speaks about how living in a hectic blur has made us unlock gratitude and how we are unable to be happy with simple things. Both these videos will have a soothing and inspiration effect enough to make you want to do something and rejig your life.

4. Spend time with animals

Growing scientific research has proven that animals make us happy and healthy. In fact, people who own dogs, cats or any other pet already know that they are sound, healing companions. Animal-assisted therapy is greatly written about because of the social support provided by them. In the 80s a study was published which found that patients who owned pets were less susceptible to heart attacks compared to those who do not. Another study found that petting your own dog can reduce blood pressure. So if you have a pet, spend quality time with it and this is a cost-free and effective method to instantly lessen your worries. If you do not have a pet, spend a day at the animal shelter or visit a petting farm where you can see and play with farm animals.