5 good habits that will instantly make you more productive

5 good habits that will instantly make you more productive

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Nia Bennett | Apr, 9 2020

1. Declutter your workspace

Cluttered brain syndrome is real. The best way to have a productive day is by clearing up your desk space. Even though some might thrive in a cluttered environment. This is not a good visual scene if you want to get stuff done.

Visible paperwork is a sign of pending work or tasks that need to be completed at a later date. To get your attention and to focus on the task at hand, clear your desk space which will allow you to freely focus all your time and energy into getting things done.

2. Prioritise your most important task

A lot of us love lists. In fact, I am notorious at making lists but I am guilty of never finishing it all because frankly there’s not so many hours in the day to complete it all. Instead of spending a lot of time organising your thoughts by making lists focus on the one or maybe two things that you would like to complete that day. This way your setting small, realistic goals which are easy to overcome and anything else you’ve done that day is a bonus.

3. Turn off your phone

Phones are great for many things, staying connected, getting information and a great source of entertainment but there’s a time and a place. If you want to be productive, you need to learn to disconnect from your phone from time to time. Keeping it on silent isn’t good enough, just turn it off and allow your brain to focus on your tasks. Allowing single streamlined thoughts will enable you to put all your attention on your job at hand. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to accomplish your task faster and enable you to achieve productivity every day.

4. Follow the 20 per cent rule

No one can be productive at all hours of the day. We are human, not robots and it’s okay to have some time to rest, relax, sometimes doing nothing is good enough. I’ve found the best way to make sure I am productive is by following the 20% rule, this way I know I will at least get one thing done even if 80% of the day I haven’t been productive. It makes me feel less guilty and in fact more productive than I have ever been. Set aside sometime every day to follow through on one task, give it all your attention. Make this a habit every day and you will notice that using the 20% methods ensures that you are productive every day.

5. Focus on yourself

Focusing on yourself is a lot easier when you are younger and live on your own, so make the most of it. I have a dog, husband and now a baby (not necessarily prioritised in that order) and I can vouch that prioritising myself has been very hard. There’s always so much to do but let me tell you when you don’t set aside some time just for yourself, you can never be happy or productive. Based on your own daily schedule, set aside some time to do something for yourself. Something you love. Not only will this make you happy but it will also help you feel accomplished, satisfied and productive every day

Focusing on being productive is not easy. We all get caught up with life and end up prioritising on things that don’t matter. The most important thing is to slow down and begin practising at least one or two of these suggestions daily and being productive will become second nature to you.