How to stay motivated while working from home during the lockdown

How to stay motivated while working from home during the lockdown

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Nia Bennett | Apr, 10 2020

When the entire world is stuck inside, trying to stay safe and execute social distancing because of COVID19, almost every other person is experiencing the same dilemma of staying motivated while working from home. 

Despite companies offering remote working before the coronavirus hit the entire nation, now more than ever, a lot more of us are at home, working remotely and trying to be productive along with spending time with our family without letting our work or productivity suffer

If you’ve never worked from home before, it won’t take you too much time to figure out that working remotely is not as glamourous as you thought it would be, especially if you have kids and pets who demand your attention all times of the day.

Creating a balance is difficult but let me tell you this is not impossible.

1.Create a desk space or a corner

You might be a go with the flow kind of person and now that your working from home, it might be easy to open your laptop and sit in your lovely garden or on the sofa with the television running in the background. While this sounds great, it isn’t a great way to work. 

Allocate a space that’s just yours to work. Keep away from all distractions and work like you normally would. Set a few hours to complete important tasks for the day but then don’t forget to take a break and have some downtime. This works wonders if you have kids. Promise to play their favourite game in exchange for allowing you to work undisturbed for a few hours. This creates a win-win situation for everyone.

2. Dress up

The idea of getting up straight from bed, getting a cup of coffee and sitting in your pyjamas with your laptop on working might sound great but it isn’t. When you take a shower, wear your ironed clothes you are mentally preparing yourself to wake up, stay fresh and motivated. Dressing up and preparing yourself for work causes a mind-shift and motivates you to distinguish between tasks. We are living in times when every day feels the same and allocating outfits for different tasks like work, catching up with friends, exercise will help you break the monotony and stay focused on being productive while doing work.

3. Plan a routine

Maybe you like to wing it, believe me - sometimes I am the wing it queen. As great as it sounds to go with the flow, that one day could turn into weeks of going with the flow and soon not having any structured work time will become your routine. To avoid this from happening and having a backlog of tasks, set a daily schedule of things you would like to achieve and set some time to get those things done. No distraction, just time to achieve your work goals or your daily tasks. This method will help you see an improvement in the way you perform work while you are working remotely.

4. Use a productivity tool

Productivity tools are a great way to keep track of progress. Instead of making lists on paper and then struggling to find that paper - use paperless methods like online productivity tools. I use Bloom Cube which is a fantastic way to keep track of my tasks, upcoming projects, meetings etc. and it always allows me to have a record of all the things I’ve accomplished, the time taken to complete each project, future tasks it and it’s very structured, which allows me to be very structured with my work even when I am home.