How to become better at relationships

How to become better at relationships

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Nia Bennett | May, 13 2020

Relationships are not a one-way street. When two people come together, they create a combined dynamic. Even though you cannot control the other person’s actions, there is a lot you can do to become better at relationships and create a loving, kind and emotionally secure environment for yourself.

How can I make myself better in a relationship?

Even though changing yourself might not change the status of a  current toxic or unhealthy romantic relationship, but working on becoming a better person or being mindful of your own reactions, can help you in developing a better relationship. 

To make yourself better in a relationship:

1. Start by focusing on your own responses and reactions. For e.g do you get angry easily, are you someone who is possessive, do you get jealous easily? Your responses to situations can be controlled and this can immensely help or improve any relationship. Make a list of one or two things you would like to change for the better and find ways to tackle them.

2. A restless mind is a breeding ground of chaos. Allow yourself to get plenty of rest and some downtime. A lot of times stress can be the number one reason why a relationship crumbles, maybe having restful nights sleep can help you handle problems more clearly.

3. Focus on being humble. A healthy relationship is based on respect and gratitude. Make sure your ego is not bringing out the worse in you. Ensure you thank your partner for everything they do for you. Small things like making you a cup of coffee, tidying up or helping around the house are somethings worth saying thanks for and showing affection. 

What makes a good relationship work?

Making yourself better or working on your attitudes and responses can help you have better and fulfilling relationships, this includes family, friends and a romantic partner.

A good relationship is based on strong values of honesty, commitment, kindness, respect, positive attitude, healthy communication, friendship and the drive to work towards personal and professional goals. Ultimately if both of you want the relationship to work and willing to meet halfway and stay humble, then nothing can stop you from having a happy and healthy relationship.

What makes a good relationship list?

There is no setlist or manual that will automatically make a relationship good. Each relationship is unique because it is made up of unique individuals and their personalities. Although every relationship could benefit from the following things:

1. Love: The first and most important thing needed in any relationship is the mutual desire to want to be with each other. The feeling of love or being in love could fade but that desire of loving and wanting to be with your partner is crucial to make the relationship work.

2. Commitment: Having the longing and heartfelt need to want to be together and not just being together for the sake of it is  but having the willingness to put in the effort and sacrifices to be together is a strong sign of commitment. Sometimes people who live across countries can make their relationships and eventually marriage work is because of the shared trait of commitment in the relationship.

3. Honesty and communication: Feeling free to be truthful about your feelings, desires and speaking about what you really want  and learning to communicate them is a big plus in any relationship.

4. Common goals: If you both want or dream of having a similar lifestyle, then making your relationship work or working towards your goals will be a driving force in your relationship.

5. Patience: After the initial attraction, every relationship requires or would benefit from a certain amount of patience. No one is immune from having a bad day and when things get rough, having the ability to ride through the storm is a great quality to make a relationship last.