How to feel energised all day

How to feel energised all day

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Nia Bennett | Jul, 19 2020

Being energised throughout the day is a dream for many but is not always possible because of various reasons. Lifestyle choices or stress caused by work or a chaotic busy life is the number one reason for feeling tired all the time. However, making that shift and work towards becoming more present and energetic in everyday life is achievable.

How can I have full energy all the time

The easiest way to have maximum energy through the day is by ensuring your body and mind gets enough rest. 

Some key things to ask yourself and work towards achieving are:

  • Are you getting enough sleep and waking up at the same time every day?
  • Are you allowing your mind to stay calm?
  • Are you taking enough time to take screen breaks?
  • Are you making sure you get enough sunlight and fresh air every day?
  • Are you getting enough exercise?

Finding solutions and taking small steps towards achieving those can help you increase your energy levels dramatically.

What foods keep you energetic all the time

Along with rest, a key factor in maintaining a steady pace throughout the day is by fuelling your body with the right food items.

Make sure you always start your day with a piece of fruit and create a simple plan to ensure you eat fruits, vegetables and nuts throughout the day. A way to incorporate this habit is making a meal plan and preparing lunch and snack boxes for the week on a weekend. This gives you more time throughout the day and ensures that you reach out for healthier options throughout your week.

Food items that increase energy are apples, bananas, blueberries, nuts, brown rice or protein-rich food like eggs, chicken or if you are vegetarian more lentil-based food items.

Ensuring that you hydrate yourself throughout the day will also naturally flush out toxins from your body, keeping you fresh and energised all day.

How do you maintain full energy

Maintaining full energy is possible by creating a good habit. If you aren’t already getting seven to eight hours of sleep, then make sure you start by doing so. When I am starting something new, what helps me is setting alarms to create reminders of what I need to achieve. 

Set an alarm to automatically turn on the blue light filter on your phone by 9.30 pm and get ready for bed at 10 pm and wake up at 6 ensuring you get full eight hours of sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep, listen to soothing meditation, an audiobook or take a warm shower at least half-hour before bedtime. Practising this method for two weeks straight will automatically train your body to develop better sleep habits which will make a significant impact on your energy levels throughout the day.

5 ways to stay energised

The ability to stay energised is achievable by forming good habits, some of which are:

  1. Start the day with a fruit and protein. Ensure you eat food items from different groups which include: healthy fats, protein, starchy carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and dairy.
  2. Get enough rest throughout the day. Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 
  3. Go outside and get some fresh air and sunlight. If you live in a cold country, take a multivitamin or vitamin D supplement during winter.
  4. Practise calming techniques like meditation, walks, some form of exercise or pamper yourself with an indoor spa or a warm bath.
  5. Stay hydrated with fresh water. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, infuse it with fresh fruits, cucumber or mint to spice things up.